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What is a Service? 
A service is the unique and detailed item of work that you provide to your customer. Some examples of services are Light Duty Hook, Mileage, Winching, Labor, Environmental Cleanup, Storage, etc. Although the overall work request may be to tow a vehicle, the individual work items that make up that tow request, such as hook, mileage, and winching are all services.

Each service that you provide to your customer is also set up in TOPS as a service. This allows call and invoice information to be detailed exactly for the work that is provided, as well as to allow for customer‐specific pricing for those items.

TOPS also allows for specific services to be automatically added ‘by default’ to calls, based on many different criteria. This ‘service default’ behavior can be based on something very simple, or be based on a complex set of things happening.

A simple example of a ‘service default’ is when an impounded vehicle is brought to a lot, the Storage service is automatically added to the charges on the call. A more complex example of a ‘service default’ is when ‘ABC Trucking’ is selected as the Customer, ‘Maintenance & Service’ is selected as the Tow Type, and ‘Dead Battery’ is selected as the Reason, then the ‘Jumpstart’ service is automatically added to a call.

Having unique services allows for a flexible structure for your General Ledger (GL), as each service has its own GL account number and these can be separated or grouped in whatever way you choose.

Note: Because of the potential impact on accounting and reports, services are set up and modified by TOPS Support.

You can review the services you already have setup by navigating to More > Prices

Submitting a Request for a New Service
When submitting a request for a new service to TOPS Support, please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Service Name: This is what you want the service to be titled on an invoice.
  • Tow Class: 
    • Light Duty
    • Medium Duty
    • Heavy Duty
    • Vehicle Transport
    • Specialized Transport
    • Storage
    • Maintenance & Service
    • No Tow Class - If the service is not tow class specific, then the service becomes available for all tow classes.
  • Pricing Type
    • Call
    • Dispatch
    • Storage
    • Retow
    • Sale
    • Adjustment
  • GL Account #: If you are using an accounting package, such as Quickbooks, what GL Account # do you want to associate the service with?
  • How is the Service Charged (Unit)? 
    • Flat Rate
    • Hourly
    • Per Mile
    • Other (please provide details on what you need)
  • Discountable?: If a percent discount is applied to the call pricing items, would this be included in the discount? 
  • Commissionable?: Should this service item be included in the driver commission calculation?
  • Taxable?: If tax is applied, should this service item be included in the calculation? 
  • Surchargeable?: If a surcharge is applied, should this service be included in the calculation?
  • Overridable?: Do you want users to be able to modify the price for this service within a call? If this is not set to Overridable, a user would need advanced pricing security rights to modify the price in the call.
  • Price: What do you charge for this service? Is this a default price or a customer specific price?

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