TOPS Company Settings

TOPS Company Settings

TOPS Company Settings house global company settings and configurations for you TOPS company instance. These settings are typically discussed during your company's onboarding.

Accounting Configuration

- Closing Day of the Month - (Typically the last day of the month and set as 31 to cover all end of month dates)

- Use Completion Date as Revenue Date (Check Box)

Note: Calls confirmed on or before this day that have a completion date before the end of the previous month will have a revenue date in the previous month

TOPS Business Analyzer Configuration

- TSAR Email Address(es) - Enter email addresses separated by a comma

- Receive TSAR Email (check box) - This flag will enable the TOPS Business Analyzer system, including the trigger to send the TSAR email to the addresses defined.

General Company Settings

- Default ETA for New Calls - ETA setting for new calls - overridable at the Customer level. This is not a required setting.

- Free Storage Minutes for Inventoried Vehicles - This is not a required setting.

- Default Deposit Amount for Auction Bidders - This is not a required setting. (Only applicable in the Windows TOPS application)

User Defined Field Labels

Many screens in TOPS contain fields that allow the user to define the field name. These specific fields are labeled in this section.

Contact Info

The contact information section defines the company name, address, phone numbers and tax rate for the company. If multiple sub-companies exist, each companies information is configured in this section.

TOPS Driver Mobile App

This section defines global company settings for the TOPS Driver mobile application.

- Allow drivers to create new calls

- Allow drivers to add pricing items

- Allow drivers to add check and cash payments

- Allow photo uploads only on wifi

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