QR Code Labels with Inventory

Using QR Labels with Inventory

For easy management of your lot inventory, you can use this functionality in TOPS to associate a QR label with an impounded vehicle. The label number is saved into the Barcode field on the inventory card in TOPS. Once all calls/vehicles are labeled, you can use TOPS Inventory app to walk and scan all QR codes. 

There are 4 parts to using this functionality:

  • Labels - Here is a LINK to the recommended labels to use; Weatherproof Polyester Laser labels for Laser (not InkJet)
  • Print Inventory Labels - Accessed in link under My Account: (your Role will need this access)

Recommended process:

  1. To initially label the lot, download and print out labels from My Account > Print Inventory Labels. (Label numbers do not matter. Use any range of numbers but start with a four (4) digit number for easy searching in the future)
  2. For each vehicle in your lot, use the TOPS Inventory app to search and find the vehicle.
  3. Label the vehicle with a QR code and then scan the code using the TOPS Inventory app to associate the QR with the vehicle (Call record) in TOPS
  4. Now you are ready to walk and Scan to “Take the Inventory”
  5. Once the vehicles are labeled and scanned, run the Bar Code Lot Inventory report (for the date/time range associated with the lot scan) in TOPS to work the exceptions. This report will show:
    • Scanned and IN inventory 
    • Scanned but NOT in inventory
    • NOT scanned but IN inventory
  6. For future impounds, print additional labels for all the drivers to use.
  7. When a driver drops a vehicle in the lot, they label it with a QR code and scan the label on the vehicle using the TOPS Driver app. 

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