User Management "email address is already in use".

User Management  "email address is already in use"

Our systems use the email addresses for identity and security purposes. Specifically, email addresses are used for password recovery.  Because of this, we require a unique and valid email address for each account.

There is always a chance that the employee whose account you are trying to create has worked for you or another TOPS company in the past. In that case, their email address was likely used to create the user account at that company.

Your options are:

1. Use a different email address

2. Ask TOPS support to reactivate this user for your company's use.

FYI Tip - if users use Google (Gmail) as an email provider.

In the users email address, add a plus sign + and a number (for example +1) right before the @ symbol.

For instance if the email address is, then you would enter or

Using the plus + sign at the end of the first section of an email address (before the @ symbol) and then a number like 1 or 2, etc will satisfy our program (because technically it IS unique) AND Google disregards the plus sign and anything after it before the @ symbol, so the address is still valid, and anything sent to that address will go to the original.

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