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Below are frequently asked questions that may help you resolve errors when working through accounting procedures in TOPS.

How do I un‐reconcile a call? 
The ability to un‐reconcile a call is a very high-level access right. Very few users have the ability to un‐reconcile a call due to the large range of possible repercussions that un-reconciling a call can have within the system.

To un‐reconcile a call, you must place the call back into Dispatch mode. 

  1. Pull up the call on the Call screen. 
  2. Click on the Actions button. 
  3. Click on the Place Back in Dispatch Mode.*
  4. Click the Save button.


  • If the vehicle has a lien process started, the process will have to be Terminated before you can continue. Placing the call back in Dispatch mode will remove any reconciliations and if you use tow tickets, the tow ticket number for the call. Make sure you write down the ticket number so you can put it back in when you Complete the call again.
  • If the call has a reconciled payment then the payment reconciliation will be undone. If you do extracts to Quickbooks and the payment reconciliation date is prior to the current date, then the deposit created in Quickbooks from that reconciled payment will already exist and will need to be edited or deleted from Quickbooks.

The call is now back in Dispatch mode and the Reconciliation has been undone. The call will need to be Completed again. If you need to have a call un‐reconciled and you do not have the required access, ask a manager or ask them to contact TOPS Support to request the change.

How do I un‐confirm a call?
Note: If you are using Simple Billing within TOPS for accounting, you can un-confirm a call at any point needed without needing to contact TOPS Support. If you do extracts to a 3rd party accounting system such as QuickBooks, the following information will apply.

Assuming that you have the correct access rights to un‐confirm a call, un‐confirmation can be performed on a call during the same calendar day in which it was originally confirmed. For example, if a call was confirmed on Monday, February 19th, then you will only be able to un‐confirm it on that day. Any time after that day or after the call information is transferred to your accounting package, the call can no longer be un‐confirmed.

To un‐confirm a call: 

  1. Pull up the call on the Call screen. 
  2. Click on the Actions button. 
  3. Click on the Unconfirm button. The Unconfirm button will exist if the call has not been transferred to the accounting package.
  4. Click on the Save button.

The call is now un‐confirmed.

If a call has gone beyond the original date of confirmation you will need to submit a written request to TOPS Support to unlock the call. Please include the Call # with your request. TOPS Support will unlock the call, and then you would need to un-confirm the call within the same business day or the call will become locked again without the ability to un-confirm.

How do I delete a payment?
Deleting a payment is possible by a user until the point when the payment is reconciled and it has been longer than 1 business day since the call has been confirmed. After that point only the TOPS Support has the ability to remove payments due to the effects this action will have on the system.

To delete a payment: 

  1. Pull up the Call you would like to delete the payment from and navigate to the Payment section. 
  2. Hover over the Payment and find the Payment actions toolbar.
  3. Click on the Trashcan icon.
  4. Click on the Save button. 

The payment has now been deleted.

If for some reason you are unable to delete the payment, contact an upper level user such as a manager to have them remove the payment. If the upper level user cannot remove the payment, please reach out to TOPS Support to authorize removal of the payment.

It’s been more than a day, why can’t I un-confirm or un-reconcile?
In an environment where the TOPS Customer is extracting to a 3rd party accounting package (QuickBooks, Sage 50, etc.), data is shared with these accounting packages after midnight local time. Therefore, we require you to contact TOPS Support so that we can review the associated adjustments needed within the accounting system.

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